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Time is Running Out for You to Learn The Hidden Truth!

Here are 10 hidden truths of our world.  Most of these demonstrate how you are being controlled.

1. SOCIETY CONTROL -  We live in a society that is controlled by a ruling elite, people who own the corporations, the banks, and the governments of the world.  The evidence is all around you: tax breaks for corporations, bailouts for banks, scandals in the financial industry to build profits with no punishment, and of course no help for the common man.  The elite is trying to kill off the population with drugs that don't  work (or have horrible side effects), unnecessary medical procedures, chemical spraying in the skies (open your eyes to the fact that chemtrails are not natural), vaccines that are more harmful than helpful, GMO foods that cause cancer, and more.

 2. RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE - The religions of the world have taken a message of love and twisted it into a means to control the masses through fear (join the saved or go to hell forever) and separation into rival organizations. 

3. SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE - Popular science has taken a major wrong turn by ignoring consciousness.  Furthermore, real scientific discoveries that would be useful (free energy, anti-gravity, etc) have been hidden from the public in order to promote dirty and dangerous energy (oil, coal, nuclear). This is changing. 

4. CONSPIRACY THEORIES - Labeling alternate views as "conspiracy theories" and stigmatizing believing or even considering these views is a control mechanism to hide  what would otherwise reveal the truth about our society.  Keep an open mind and do some research.  You will quickly learn the truth.  Visit the Conspiracy page to get started.

5. UFOs - Government and scientific denial of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings are blatant lies.  Governments have met with extraterrestrials and made deals to obtain technology.  Extraterrestrials, both good and bad, are on or around Earth at this time.  The benevolent ETs are waiting for an opportune moment to reveal themselves to the masses. Visit the UFOs page for more information.

6. MONEY - There is some truth to the saying that money is the root of all evil.  When pursuit of money causes behavior that is manipulative, dangerous, and selfish it demonstrates the problem with money in our society.  The pursuit of money is used to control the population.

7. LIFE AND DEATH - We've been told that life is great and death is the end of our existence.  In reality, life is often a painful learning experience and physical death is merely a transition to another form of existence. Your Soul is eternal, created by God as an individualized aspect of the energy of God.  Once created, your essence lives forever (in different bodies and forms of energy).

8. MASS MEDIA INFORMATION - Most people turn to mass media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) for information.  These sources are all controlled by the powerful elite who own the media companies.  The information offered is only what they want you to hear.

9. GOD - God is All That Is; this includes everything in the universe (and beyond). The universe we see is only one aspect of a much more complex creation that includes parallel realities and other universes.  Although God's creation is infinite, every aspect is precious and the Earth and all creatures upon her are dearly loved.

10. THE END TIMES - Creation is cyclical in nature and our world is coming to the end of a cycle.  The Mayan Calendar predicts this ending, which is tied to significant  astronomical alignments that facilitate energy transfer.   An ending also marks a new beginning.  See information on this page.

How Religion and Spirituality Relate to December 21, 2012

The upcoming events could be experienced as a spiritual,  religious, and/or physical experience, depending on your point of view. No matter what you believe, you will have an experience.   Whatever happens to you has nothing to do with your religious beliefs, or lack thereof.  There is a gross misconception being  perpetrated by all religions that their particular brand of spirituality is favored by God.  This is absolute nonsense.

Each person has an eternal soul that has the ability to reincarnate into another body if it so wishes and we are primarily spiritual beings living inside physical bodies.  The spiritual essence or soul is eternal while our body is not; therefore, our soul represents our "real" self while our body is a container that allows us to have a physical experience. Most people believe their soul is separate from the body, though their points of view regarding what happens after physical death are different.  Whereas one culture may believe in eternal heaven and hell, another may believe the soul reincarnates into a new body for another life experience, and there are variations on this theme of the eternal soul.  We need not debate the accuracy of these perceptions as long as you believe you have an eternal soul.  If you are one who does not believe that you have an eternal soul, you should look at the reason for your belief.  The likely argument is that you trust your physical senses and scientific theories, neither of which provides the "proof" you need.  You should read the article "What is Your Personal Reality?"  in the far right column in order to grasp the limitations of your world view.

Further, you need to realize that there is adequate proof available to support life after death and you simply haven't looked in the right place.  Scientific theories are not much help in resolving the issue.  Over the course of centuries, science has been built up on the concept of observable physical phenomena and does not acknowledge non-physical data.  This is a very limited viewpoint with many holes in the logic. As soon as you consider the non-physical, there is an immense amount of data that suggests life after death, in the form of a soul that leaves the body upon death.

Belief in the soul is helpful in understanding what will happen, because on December 21, 2012 we will have a spiritual experience, as I explain below.

For me, sufficient proof of the eternal soul was demonstrated by reincarnation.  My sister had an experience where her boyfriend talked in his sleep as if he was another person. Although his physical body was asleep, she was able to interview him over the course of a month or two.  With her background as a writer and reporter, she was skilled at asking questions to determine who he was, where he was from, and so forth.  He was remembering a past life. We don't need the details, except that he described living in the 1700's.  That incident gave me a touch-point to the phenomena of reincarnation, with data from a trusted source.  The concept resonated with me.  Even so,  I did not pursue the subject.  This is typical of our culture where the daily grind of life experiences mutes our curiosity for other matters.

Many years passed before I was able to reach a point of certainty regarding reincarnation.  Although I wasn't looking for proof, when I read a book that had been recommended to me,  "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Brian Weiss, M.D. , I was convinced without a doubt not only that reincarnation was true but that the concept of an afterlife, an existence between lives, made sense as well.  When I read the book "Journey of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton, which is a detailed description of the afterlife, I was amazed.

Reincarnation answers questions that religion fails to address.  For example, the meaning of life becomes clear.  We reincarnate to learn lessons and Earth is a "schoolhouse" where souls go to learn through their physical experience.  Souls can choose when to return to Earth, or can even choose to incarnate on other planets.  Since we have a lot to learn and usually don't get it right the first time, we have to keep on trying through multiple lifetimes. Also, the inherent unfairness of life becomes clear.  Inequality offers plenty of learning opportunities and multiple lifetimes and the concept of karma provide the mechanism to balance the books and create fairness.

Once you accept that you have a soul and that there is a well organized afterlife designed to help the soul gather and understand experiences in order to develop or evolve to a higher state of consciousness, you are ready to hear what will happen on December 21, 2012.

If you haven't formed a clear opinion but are open to the concept of an eternal soul, you will likely be able to accept the concepts we will introduce after you review more of the material on the website. For the atheist, you have a choice.  You can reject our discussion as it violates your world view, or you can remind yourself that your world view is really only an opinion.  You have no proof that you are correct and as mentioned before your senses can easily misrepresent reality.  Keep an open mind and keep reading.  Actually, the advice to keep an open mind applies to everyone. There is a lot you don't know, so why not admit that and put aside what you think you know for the moment as you read this story.

Why is it that we can't agree on the concepts of body and soul? The  interpretation that is agreed upon by multiple sources is that in order to fully partake of a physical experience we have "forgotten" our true self.  We haven't actually forgotten, but the information has been shrouded in a fog so we can't see (understand) clearly what we are.  Thus, we have different interpretations of this foggy perception.  Even so, there are some people on Earth who are better attuned to their spiritual self. 

This information regarding December 21, 2012 applies to everyone.  Sinners and saints and everyone in between will be affected. Your religious beliefs will neither help you or hurt you, meaning you don't need to be "saved" or even acknowledge God to participate.

God Is All That Is

Next we need to talk about God.  You really can't have an "end of the world" event without at least considering where God fits into the picture.

When you try to go back to the beginning, to determine how the universe was created and how we came into being,  the answer is either that the universe was (a) created by God or (b) created in an unknown way, (c) neither created nor destroyed, always has been and always will be. So regardless of whether we accept God or not, we always have unanswered questions regarding creation. Perhaps the easiest explanation is the one that is often overlooked: God is All That Is, and there is no creation or destruction of All That Is - it is eternal and infinite. Once you understand God as All That Is, the paradox is removed. 

In our culture, God is perceived by many as an anthropomorphic figure, somewhat resembling a wise old man. For this reason, the word "God" does not resonate with me for it creates an image that limits the scope of God.  In other words, if God appears as a physical shape, how can God be All That Is? I much prefer the terms All That Is, or Source, and to a lesser degree Creator to describe the concept.

When you realize that God is All That Is, another realization is that we are all connected.  We are all one!

The Duality Experiment: God's Love and Free Will

The story of our creation starts with the Duality Experiment, and this goes back well before the birth of the human race. As part of a Divine Plan, our souls chose to participate in a grand experiment, to separate themselves from God in order to determine if we could find our way back.  All the souls involved were willing participants and there was no fear that the separation from God would be permanent.  Our souls could never become lost and unrecoverable, no matter how far removed from God we became.  The experiment has been ongoing for many millions of years. 

The separation was manifest as the foggy perception of our true spiritual self as mentioned earlier, a concept referred to as the "veil of forgetfulness." Having passed through the veil into our physical bodies, we had only a faint recollection of our spiritual selves. As with every part of the Divine Plan, the intent was to enhance our spiritual growth with new and diverse experiences.

We were given a faint reminder of our true selves, but otherwise we were placed into physical bodies and allowed to learn and develop in accordance with our own free will.   We are all loved equally by God and that is why we are given free will to create our own experiences. We can select the religion that feels right to us, or we can choose to reject all religions and even reject God.  It's all ok. We can treat each other with love and respect, or live in a world of hatred and violence.  All is permitted.  An underlying theme is that every entity is loved equally by God, with unconditional love.  This means everybody, not just the pious church-going people, not only the kind and generous people of the world. Murderers and rapists are loved by God too,  just as you still love your children even if they have been a little naughty.  Over time, all entities will learn how to love themselves and love others.  Eventually, all entities, good and evil, will return to God and be accepted with full love. But it might take awhile.

As a result of the gift of free will, our world is a mixture of good and evil, Light and Dark forces.  Once removed from God, some souls developed a self-serving mindset to the degree that they were willing to manipulate, enslave, and even kill other beings for their own selfish benefit.  However horrific these acts may seem, evil acts are a fallout of the gift of free will.  In the eternity of our existence, these evil deeds are considered learning experiences.  On the cosmic time scale, these events are all happening in the blink of an eye.

The entities who became evil and self-serving are referred to later in the discussion as the Dark Forces.  We will name some names later. The battle of good and evil, Light Forces against Dark Forces, has been playing throughout the universe for eons.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with December 21, 2012.  Well, the answer relates to the Duality Experiment...

The End of an Age, and the Beginning of a New Age

The people with the highest level of spiritual attunement are Lightworkers.  These people can literally communicate with other spiritual beings using their minds.  The Lightworkers are also known as channelers and mediums, due to their innate abilities to communicate in this manner.  As an aside, there are fake channelers and mediums acting as psychics, fortune tellers, palm reader, and so on, but just because unscrupulous people pretend to have these abilities to make money does not invalidate the truth that spiritual communication is possible. Just as some physical bodies are bigger, stronger, and faster than others, the same is true with spiritual powers while residing in our physical bodies.  Although we all have the same inherent capabilities, only a select few of us are sufficiently attuned to the spiritual senses to make use of them.

The Lightworkers have received messages from spiritual beings beyond this realm.  These messages provide details regarding our future. There are many Lightworkers receiving messages, from a variety of sources, and that is helpful to create a  fuller,  more detailed and diverse description of what is to come. Many of these messages have been transcribed and are accessible from this website.  You may read all the messages yourself, and are encouraged to do so, but we will offer an encapsulated explanation.

The messages received by the Lightworkers confirm that which the Mayan culture has suggested, that we are coming to the end of the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius. The 26,000 year cycle is coming to completion and we are told that The Age of Aquarius will be higher in energy (vibration) and consciousness, closer to God.

Lightworkers are wonderful people, even so they can be fooled. When they make contact and receive a transmission, often in a trance-like state, they are usually told who has made contact with them. Unfortunately, in the spirit world there are good guys and bad guys, just as there are in our world. The bad guys can easily pretend to be good guys and pass along false information. There are several ways for us to guard against being duped in this manner. The Lightworkers themselves are our first line of defense as they may have an intuition that the entity is lying and withhold the tainted message; or the transcribed message may be sufficiently inconsistent with previous messages from that source in tone or style to raise our suspicion; or the information may be in conflict with other reliable sources.

Due to the ease with which most people can be fooled by believing a trusted source, it is strongly advised by us, and others, to always attempt to cross-check channeled information and to avoid becoming emotionally attached to a particular channeler or source to the degree that you automatically believe their information more strongly that other sources. It's okay to have favorites as long as you are aware of the potential trickery. Although we provide a lot of information from a few sources, we are certainly not trying to influence you to believe one particular source, in fact it's just the opposite.  Consider all sources and use your own intuition to evaluate the messages.  You are encouraged to use this website as a starting point.  We offer this discussion as a quick summary of the 2012 situation with the hope that after you read these short pages you will explore further. The sidebars are full of links and our other pages are full of links as well. We are pointing you in the direction of the best sources of information we have found, but we haven't found everything - there are lots of good sources.  We believe that by pointing you toward highly respected sources of information, you will be able to more quickly educate yourself. 

Please don't form a strong opinion at this early stage as this will cause your subconscious to try and defend the position you have taken and you may not be able to absorb all the details objectively. You will need a week to a month to review the supporting evidence and allow your opinion to develop.

And now, here's what you've been waiting for...

What is happening now with December 21, 2012 is that we are being given the gift to return from the Duality Experiment and be fully reunited with God. Rather than continue our cycle of reincarnation that has been going on for many thousands of years, we are being ushered into a higher spiritual realm, the 5-th dimension of spiritual vibration. It is amazing when you think about it that this opportunity has not been available for many thousands of years and we are the fortunate ones who will be able to experience the "Ascension" which represents the upliftment of our souls!

You found the right website!

As December 21, 2012 Rapidly Approaches, the "End Times" Are Here; What Does it Mean for Humanity?

Our world is cyclical and as you'll learn in a moment a  major cycle is coming to completion.  Many times in the past this has resulted in apocalypse.  We expect better results this time around.

Please visit the Resources page for links to very informative and well regarded internet resources to learn more about what is happening in the world.

The Mayan Calendar

The basis for the "end of the world" forecast is the Mayan Long Count Calendar.  This calendar covers a period of 5,126 years (starting 3114 BC) and ends on December 21, 2012.  The Mayan culture was quite advanced in astronomy (they were given this information from a more advanced culture) and the Mayan Long Count calendar has been shown to be extremely accurate in predicting astronomical events such as solar and lunar eclipses, planetary alignments, and so forth.

It may come as a surprise to you, but the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar represents are very significant astronomical event, an event so rare that it only occurs once every 26,000 years.  What is this rare event?

As the Earth revolves around the Sun, and the Sun orbits around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, on December 21, 2012 it is the Winter Solstice and the Earth, the Sun, and the galactic center of the Milky Way are all in alignment on the ecliptic plane of the galaxy.

Already, you realize that the date December 21, 2012 is not a random date at all, rather it is a very precise date selected for a known reason.  And although the Mayan culture has gotten most of the publicity for selecting a date, many other ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Hindu, Incas, and Aztecs have similar predictions as part of their cultural folklore.  This support from other cultures lends credence to the idea that the prophecy is accurate.

Cosmic Energy Waves Will Hit the Earth

The Earth visits a new part of space every day and our position in space changes relative to other celestial bodies.  Both the Sun and the Earth are in rapid motion through space. Cosmic radiation exists throughout space, and some parts are more energetic than others.  As we move closer to the ecliptic plane of the galaxy, the energy level rises.   The space we are moving through now is more energetic than where we were in the past,  and we are moving into more energetic space every day.  As we move closer to alignment along the ecliptic plane of the galaxy, we are rushing towards a place, and a time, where the cosmic energy will affect our bodies in more significant ways.  Due to the large size of the galaxy, we have been close to the galactic plane for about 25 years already and the energy has been increasing throughout this time. The physical changes to our bodies are already happening to everyone.  Still, the major changes are yet to come.  Think of this energetic effect as a flashlight that is turning towards you.  The flashlight provides a slight illumination of you when it gets close, but it isn't until the alignment is perfect that the full force of the light is felt. 

On December 21, 2012 when the galactic alignment occurs, the energy wave that emanates from the center of the galaxy will interact with our sun.  The result will be a powerful burst of solar energy, like nothing we've experienced before.  This solar energy will literally transform our bodies. This rare galactic alignment and the energy surge may be considered as an ending point as the 26,000 year cycle is completed.  This is where the prophecy of the end of the world originates. But it can also be perceived as a new beginning point, or a re-birth.

The Ascension Event

What will transpire on December 21, 2012 will be a scientific event. But it will also be a spiritual event.  It will be an individual event, unique for each person on Earth, but it will also be a collective event experienced by all people. You will experience a shift in consciousness. The event is called Ascension.  Your mind/body/spirit will shift into a higher vibration, or perhaps a lower vibration. YOU will be the primary factor in determining what YOUR future will be like, whether the shift is large or small, positive or negative.  Consider the ramifications of that statement.  First, it means that different people could have radically different experiences.  Second, your commitment to the event, reflective of your belief, will strongly influence the outcome. 

On a universal level, the event planned for December 21, 2012 on Earth can be compared to a colossal sporting event, like the  Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the World Cup all rolled into one.  Beings from all across the universe are here to witness this unique spectacle that has never occurred in the history of the universe where the consciousness level of the entire planet will be affected.  This is to be the first mass planetary ascension within physicality. 

In order to prepare for the Ascension, Earth is changing her vibratory rate and so are our bodies.  The events have already begun, and will continue up to December 21, 2012 as part of a Divine Plan. Our universe and our galaxy were designed with this in mind, and they are acting in accordance with the plan.  Soon, when our 26,000 year cycle completes and the winter solstice sun aligns with the galactic center of the Milky Way galaxy, we will experience a surge of cosmic energy.  That will be the final step to energize our bodies. 

As a reminder, Ascension is a "unique" event and cannot be forecast using our existing scientific models of reality.

We presently live in our physical bodies with our souls largely forgotten.  This is the 3-rd dimensional reality, a low vibration physical environment that is far removed from the higher, more spiritual dimensions. In the coming Ascension, we will have the opportunity to raise our vibration to the 5-th dimension.  Without changes to our bodies, this would kill us, but our bodies are already changing, our DNA is being re-written by an influx of cosmic radiation. This is the same radiation that is heating up all the planets in the solar system, including Earth.

Ascending to a higher spiritual vibration is not only a physical change.  We must be able to carry the higher levels of kindness and love for ourselves, our companion souls on this planet, and for Earth herself.  If we cannot raise our spiritual vibration it means we are not ready for Ascension at this time. The raising of our spiritual vibration has been a problem area for many, due to the system in which we live.  This adds complexity to the story, and we'll come back to this thought in a moment.

All the energy necessary for Ascension will be available on the scheduled date.  In our personal reality, we may reach the required energy level sooner, or we may delay or skip our Ascension.

Those who dwell in the self-serving world caring only for themselves will not have a sufficiently high vibration and will not be able to ascend. Furthermore, due to our free will, not all souls will choose to participate.  Some will prefer to continue their learning experiences with a continuation of the reincarnation and afterlife process. However, even the souls who do not ascend will not automatically die.  Some souls will choose a physical death rather than face an unknown future, while others will continue in a low vibration environment.  Whether we ascend or not, we will be given a suitable environment in which to live.

Do not feel bad if our feeble attempts to tell this story are putting you in a state of confusion or disbelief.  There are hundreds of pages of material available that will help you understand this process of ascension.  You will need to do some research. Many questions and answers related to Ascension are covered in this Special Report from Cosmic Awareness.

But first, please finish reading this page...

Problems Affecting Our Ascension

The way to prepare for Ascension is to raise our spiritual vibration, to develop an attitude of love, to put the needs of others ahead of the self and think and act in an unselfish manner.

Does that sound like our world? Not even close.

With the timeframe for the Ascension rapidly approaching, God was not too happy to find that most of the billions of people on Earth were not ready.  Because of the monetary system that we live under, most people on this planet struggle just to survive their day-to-day existence and have been unable to achieve much spiritual awareness, and that's just the way the Powers That Be like it.  Keep the masses ignorant, keep them busy working, and they won't cause any trouble.  The emotional and spiritual development of billions of people is being stifled.  But God could see what was happening and that power was being abused. Although God has given all souls free will, including the bad guys who have misused their power, enough is enough when a few powerful people are adversely affecting the free will of billions of other souls.

Because the monetary system is so powerful, and the masses of humanity have so little power to free themselves, God decided we needed help and other galactic civilizations have been allowed to come to our planet to provide the necessary help.  In case you didn't catch that, we are saying that extraterrestrial races have been allowed to come to Earth to help us get ready for our Ascension.

Normally, the galactic civilizations would respect our free will and not interfere, but once it became clear that we were prisoners on our own planet, permission was granted and they willingly arrived.  They are already here and actually have been here for awhile, working behind the scenes.  These extraterrestrials, comprising multiple races, call themselves The Galactic Federation.

Actually, we didn't mention it earlier, but part of the problem on Earth is that extraterrestrials (the unfriendly types, the Dark Forces, the Orion/Reptilian faction) have been on Earth for a long time already. That story goes way back but we are most concerned with recent history in the last one hundred years. The unfriendly extraterrestrials have worked around the non-interference decree by basically tricking the people into accepting the form of monetary slavery we live with today.  When we fell for the trick, we used our own free will which is allowable under universal law. The Dark Forces have been helping the powerful people on Earth get more power, with the idea of world domination. Yes, that's right, the  extraterrestrials representing the Dark Forces want to take over our planet.  What they really want is a unified world government, run by the humans but controlled by the extraterrestrials.  This is the so called "New World Order" that has been spoken about many times in our history by Adolph Hitler, George Bush, and others.  Having a unified government would not be for the benefit of humanity, as it would more closely resemble a master-slave hierarchy, but it would make management of the planetary population much easier for the master race of aliens.

Why would human beings go along with such a sinister plan?

Well, most people wouldn't, but the richest and most powerful people in the world like being rich and powerful, and they were totally willing to improve their own position with the help of the ETs. The "Powers That Be" on Earth, those who sit atop the pyramid of business, industry, and government, and who directly or indirectly influence the lives of billions of people, like things the way they are now.  The go by different names, including the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Families, but these labels all represent the same group of powerful people. They are the big fish on Earth, and they take pleasure in their exalted lifestyles and also their ability to "enslave" the masses of humanity.  You may not feel like a slave, but anyone who must work for a living is enslaved by the system that has been set up on Earth.

The Galactic Federation has successfully foiled many plans of the Dark Forces to create World War III. Fortunately, with the help of the  Galactic Federation, the people of Earth have an opportunity to free themselves and participate in the Ascension. For more information about these extraterrestrials, visit the History page and the UFOs page.

Although the timeframe for actual face-to-face meetings with the Galactic Federation representatives has not been announced, the prophetic statements  by Cosmic Awareness suggest that it could occur in the summer or autumn months of 2012.

Where to Begin Your Research on This Website?

At this point, it is time for you to begin your preparations, to explore our website, follow the links and learn. 

You could start with the 2012 Forecast from Cosmic Awareness.

Many questions and answers related to Ascension are covered in this Special Report from Cosmic Awareness.

If you can accept most of what we have told you, we recommend that you make daily visits to www.the2012scenario.com and read many of their articles.  This website posts 5 to 15 articles per day!  Much of the material on this website is from Lightworkers.

From The Galactic Federation there are several representatives who speak to us.  A strong voice is that of SaLuSa from Sirius.  He is a 5-th dimensional being who represents a council who are here organizing a plan to help us.  Visit the Messages page to learn more.

You may also want to visit our Newsletters page and read the Cosmic Awareness Communications newsletters and special reports.

If you are still struggling with the concepts of Cosmic Awareness, Lightworkers, the Ascension, and so forth, you may want to visit the Energy page.  Allow David Wilcock to enlighten you with his videos, or buy his new book.  Learn about crop circles and read the articles on the Energy page to learn what our scientists are already reporting.

If you struggling with the concepts of an eternal soul and an all knowing Creator, just keep an open mind. The Energy page is a good place to start for those who want to stick with the physical evidence.

In addition to the material presented on our website, or the links to other articles and websites, there is a lot more material available.  The Internet has billions of web pages for your review but you should go to the References page first.

Closing Summary

We want to make sure you leave this page with the appropriate message: December 21, 2012 will be an awesome event as long as your thoughts and expectations are energizing a positive, transformative experience.

Our world was in very bad shape only 25 years ago.  It appeared that the Dark Forces would prevail and lead us into a doomsday timeline.  Fortunately, the Lightworkers and everyone who has supported goodness have prevailed! The battle has been won. We WILL flow into a positive Ascension timeline!  Even so, you still have work to do to assure your individual outcome is as favorable as you would dream.  Having made it this far, it's time to prepare for the grand finale.

Your next steps are to carry forth with a positive attitude and learn more about what is going on.  As you do your research you may find many stories suggesting a doomsday scenario, but they are obsolete.  Do not allow those stories to influence you.  We are not following that path in our present timeline.

Before long, the changes on Earth will be dramatic and you will begin getting pieces of the story from different sources.  We expect massive overhauls in our government and financial systems, breakthroughs in science and health care, and a better standard of living for everyone. That's the good news, but there will be difficulties along the way.  There will be opportunities for fear and doubt to creep into your thinking.  Be strong.  Keep a positive attitude no matter what happens to you.

Use this website as a starting point to link into material that provides documentation and support for the new scenario. Thank you for reading this entire page. 

The Thrive Movie and Website

It's easy for anyone to put together a website and make claims that seem outrageous and absurd to the common man.

What is not so common is when one of the powerful elite makes a website with many of the same claims.  Foster Gamble is from the famous Procter and Gamble business and he could have easily led a life of luxury with no worries.  Instead, he started asking questions and looking for answers to problems facing our world.

He created the Thrive Movie and website.  I highly encourage you to watch the Thrive movie and review the material on his website.


Here is a direct link to the video on YouTube:


You can also find a link on the Resources page.

Natural News

One of the greatest threats these days is the lies and deceit concerning matters of health and medicine.  There are many false claims about what is healthy food, the safety and effectiveness of prescription drugs, and the safety and usefulness of medical procedures including flu shots and vaccinations.

To help you sort out the good from the bad, I highly recommend you visit the Natural News website.  Visit the Resources page for the direct link.


Will You Experience an Apocalypse?

We live in a probabilistic universe where all possibilities exists and what we experience is the result of the energetic focus and cumulative impact of the collective consciousness of all people in conjunction with our individual thoughts and emotions. When thoughts become aligned they become a powerful force.  This is true on both an individual and collective level. In simple terms this means we attract the future depending on our individual and collective energetic focus.  Fortunately, the thought energy of the people on Earth has become more positive and the chance of an apocalypse has been greatly reduced.

Another way of expressing this concept is to say that we live in a universe with parallel realities, which can also be thought of as multiple timelines.  Every decision is a branching point that creates multiple possibilities. Although infinite timelines exist, small choices are like ripples in a river and are insignificant to the larger flow of existence.  However, major decisions can have a profound impact with widely divergent timelines. In this manner, through our free will to choose, we select and direct our own reality.

For example, imagine you are a young lover and you must decide whether to marry your sweetheart.  If you choose to marry, you select a timeline with this reality.  If you choose not to marry, due to external influences such as family pressure, job aspirations, etc, you choose a timeline with a quite different future.  Once you are presented with such a significant decision, both timelines exist with some level of probability.  Both are real but the physical entity can only choose one timeline to follow.   On a spiritual level, both timelines can be accessed. Timelines can converge or diverge.  As an example of timeline convergence, assume that the young lovers chose not to marry, but a year later after experiencing the sadness of lost love the two meet again and finally decide to marry.

On a global scale, both positive and apocalyptic timelines exist.  Due to evil purposes, the ruling elite on Earth would like an apocalypse that would result in the death of most people on the planet. To this end, doomsday scenarios have been surreptitiously promoted via the entertainment industry.  Many movies have the end of the world as a theme and these films are an attempt to influence the collective consciousness towards doomsday thinking.  Fortunately, the collective consciousness energetic focus is now strongly in favor of the positive timelines.

In 2012, the timelines are converging.  What this means is that the collective choices we make are leading to a single monumental outcome.  And that outcome is called Ascension or the shift of consciousness. Interestingly, although the timelines are convergent to this event, after the event all timelines will diverge.  This is where personal choice comes into play and an infinite variety of future scenarios will exist.

As the year moves along, there will be a worldwide focus on December 21, 2012.   The past year has been very dramatic in terms of earthquake, volcanic activity, and extreme weather and these trends could continue.  There will be other noteworthy events taking place in 2012, events that will surprise and amaze many people, and frighten others.  In the days and months leading up to December 21, 2012 many people will die from a combination of causes, including fear and stress as well as natural disasters and health issues.

How you handle the events that will shortly begin to unfold will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life.  Each individual has a choice of whether to educate and prepare themselves, to ignore the situation entirely, or to be adversely affected by the doom and gloom predictions and go into panic mode. Your level of preparation will have a lot to do with how you experience the events.

Once December 21, 2012 finally arrives, the day itself will be emotionally charged, of that you can be certain.  And that fact alone should be enough to warrant your further attention. We can safely say that this date will be a major event represent a global "coming together" like no other date in human history.  Every person will create their own thoughts and beliefs regarding the event and thereby create their own version of reality. 

Already, the world as you know it is changing FAST! And more changes are coming.  You have the power to prosper but you must first accept the changes and move forward without fear.  Many who cling to the old ways will suffer due to their self-imposed expectations for the future.

It may be helpful to think of your life as a movie, which is really nothing  more than a series of photographic still images sequenced together to create the illusion of movement.  Movie directors sometimes record alternate endings to their films, and use test audiences to determined which to use.  But this ties in with the concept of alternate realities.  Although many are available, and all are equally valid, only one can be chosen to experience in this lifetime.  And you are the movie director of your own life.

You Need to Choose

In preparing for the future, you will need to make significant decisions and to keep it simple I want to consider the situation as being represented by only two choices. 

First, you could choose a world much like our world has been for many years where the priority of life is upon personal satisfaction and accomplishment as measured in terms of money, fame, and happiness.  For those who choose this option, with focus on personal satisfaction, the future is mixed, just as it is today only to a greater degree.  Although many people strive for personal satisfaction and accomplishment, not everyone is a big success.  The interesting point here is that for some people the shift will be imperceptible.  If you decide that you like your life just the way it is, your decision will be honored at least at a subconscious level.

Choosing this option is "safe" since it seems to represent minimal change and people fear change. My concern is that choosing the "safe" option may not be so safe after all.  There is a misconception about our world today and it would not take much to tip it into a more negative environment where people struggle to survive.  You need to understand what is really happening in the world today before assuming that maintaining the status quo is the best choice. If you open your eyes to this one fact, you can start to see the truth.  The information is available on the Internet but you must overcome the "conspiracy theory" mental block to recognize the truth. 

Second, you could choose a world that is much more compassionate and loving than what has been present in our recent history.  In such a world, helping others would be more important than personal achievement.  In this reality, the emphasis will be more on the quality of life, with abundant expression of  peace, love, and kindness.  Such a lifestyle would be quite a departure from the current norm.  Many people have a hard time imagining such a world. Moving away from the familiar and towards something new is always a bit frightening.  I want to suggest that fear will be reduced when knowledge is increased and I hope this website will help in the education process. 

If the concept of choosing your future reality is too much to handle, don't worry about it.  You can choose not to make any decision at all.  What happens then is determined on a subconscious level.

There is another choice available for a select few who believe this possibility exists and choose it for themselves. The third choice is highly spiritual, to perceive life on Earth as a physical school for spiritual lessons and to graduate to the next level of school.  The next level could be similar, just as middle school is similar to high school, or it could be a large change, similar to jumping  from elementary school to college.  This choice could result in radical change, and it becomes impossible to describe since it could be vastly different for everyone.

Keep in mind that what you believe today could change dramatically as you gather more information. To have the best outcome, you need to have an open mind and allow yourself to become well informed.  The best way to prepare is to learn more about what is happening on Earth and in the cosmos at this time.  This website is designed as a tool to help you accomplish that objective.  The good news is that there is still time to prepare yourself; the bad news is that many of those who do not prepare themselves will suffer an uncertain future.

The Origin of Humanity: Everything You Know is Wrong!

Did we evolve from Bigfoot?

The origin of humanity is addressed here on a scientific basis.  We look at hard evidence to determine what theories can be supported by the facts and which theories are clearly wrong no matter how popular they may be.  The truth is shocking.  You must decide for yourself whether you are ready to put all that you've been told in the past aside and focus on the facts.


Use this link to watch the video in full size on YouTube.



The "Owners" of this Country are Keeping Secrets

It sounds a little funny to talk of someone "owning" America but it really is true.  The country is being run, and is in fact owned,  a ruling elite how own the corporations and banks, with politicians and the media used for public relations.  The congress and the judicial branch enforce the wishes of the ruling elite.  Although not all congressmen and judges play along, most do and that is enough to maintain control. 

Naturally, the ruling elite don't want the general public to realize what is going on.  That's why they have developed a system to hide the truth.  They offer us political parties and different media companies to present  the illusion of debate  and discussion, the illusion of choice.

Although it freaks people out, we are talking about a secret cabal, sometimes referred to as the "Illuminati."  Before you roll your eyes and say "conspiracy theory" in you head, here are a couple facts to consider. Swiss scientists set out with a supercomputer to figure out how companies throughout the world were connected. They started with 43,060 trans-national corporations and determined that a core of 1,318 companies directly controlled 20% of the wealth in the world. That's a significant portion. On top of that, these corporations also appeared to own and control the stock in a majority of the world’s largest companies -- whose profits added up to an additional 60% of global revenues.  That's 80% of the world's revenue, an amazing finding. Due to the interlocking ownership, it was then discovered that a very deeply hidden "super-entity" of only 147 companies -- much of it connected to the 1,318 company "core" -- owned 40% of all the wealth in the world.  These are astounding figures.  Most of the 147 companies are the mega banks of the world, plus oil companies and some medical giants. For an extensive article on this topic, refer to David Wilcock's website, www.divinecosmos.com.

The ruling elite love controlling the masses, but it's a hassle to have so many people around.  What they secretly desire is a planet without so many "useless eaters" on it.  I'm sure you can understand their viewpoint.  On a planet with limited resources, even a resource rich planet like Earth, if you have fewer people around it's less of a demand on the system.  For this reason, the elite would secretly like to eliminate about 95% of the world population.  That would still leave plenty of people to be used as personal servants, factory workers, and so on and would make the Earth a more pleasant place to live.  Besides, it's easier to control 500 Million people than 7 Billion.

What's an easy way to kill off 6.5 Billion people?  You can use a nuclear war, as long as you've got a safe place to hide until the radioactivity levels drop.  Or you can stick with your basic killers such as disease and starvation. The plans have already been drawn up and put into action, but their plans are flawed.  They didn't count on the masses figuring out what was up with the world.  Once you know the truth you can protest.

Comedian George Carlin covered the topic of a ruling elite quite well in some of his material.  It's funny until you realize that everything he says is true.


When you are part of the ruling elite, one of the normal actions is to control the flow of information.  Control of the major media outlets, meaning TV networks, newspapers, and magazines is the obvious starting point.  But the elite don't stop there.  Their control even extends into the realm of science and education.

Cure for Cancer is Hidden from Public

One example of the suppression of information is the story behind the cure for cancer.  Yes, there is a cure.  You haven't heard about it through the mainstream media because the ruling elite don't want you to know.  They would rather keep people sick and dying.

Read the story

The Real World

There is a battle being waged on Earth at this very time between those who want to control or rule the world using violence, wars and deceit, and those who believe in fairness, equality and love of their fellow man. This battle has moved out into the open in the past year as evidenced by the political uprisings around the world and the Occupy movement in the US.

Most people still have not gotten the message, but it is coming. As you live in the world, you become accustomed to what takes place in that world.  You are told by the media, and it may seem a logical conclusion, that terrorist acts such as the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center are proof that we live in danger and need the protection of a strong military and an aggressive foreign policy (i.e. wars), the Transportation Safety Authority to thoroughly search our luggage and X-ray our bodies when we travel, and changes to laws such as the US PATRIOT act and the NDAA which provide the government with much more authority to arrest and detain anyone (including you as an ordinary US citizen) for as long as deemed necessary without due process of law if considered a terrorist threat.

You may be surprised to learn that while you were not paying attention the US government has passed these new laws and "the land of the free" has changed to a police state. 

The Problem / Reaction / Solution Scenario

A problem/reaction/solution scenario occurs when a problem is created to elicit a reaction from the populace that demands a solution that the creator of the problem wants to implement. The problem and subsequent reaction are tools to gain acceptance for a solution that would otherwise not be accepted.

Let’s take a very real example of a problem/reaction/solution scenario. Assume the government wants to be able to control the movements of people into and out of the country, as well as inside the country. They want to be able to search anyone without a warrant. To accomplish this goal, a problem is introduced. In this case the problem is terrorism. Terrorist acts are used, or more likely intentionally created, to instill fear in the populace. The media hype the situation and the reaction is that fear is created and along with it comes a desire for increased safety. Along comes the government and puts in place the TSA to search all airport travelers. This helps the populace feel safer. The truth is that the government got what they wanted, which is more power and control over the populace, and the populace gave up their rights willingly for a sense of safety. In truth, no higher level of safety is generated, but that is beside the point.

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What is Your
Personal Reality?

Before you delve into exactly what will happen on December 21, 2012  you need to examine your personal reality.

Your personal reality is actually a very limited and often incorrect view of the real world, thus making you a poor judge of "what's happening" in your world. Don't take it personally.  We think this is true of just about everyone on Earth. As humans, we rely on our personal experiences and our five senses to help us interpret our environment.  This is a matter of survival since we need to know what is going on around us and be able to assess danger. 

Personal experiences differ widely, and if you have not had an experience you may find it difficult to believe when another person describes their experience.  That's natural, but it's also a limitation on your world view.  For example, most people seem to believe that "paranormal" events are fake.  Paranormal simply means that it can't be explained by our normal scientific theories and observations.  The ability to easily discard paranormal events is an indication of a distorted  world view.

Other people's experiences seem very easy for us to ignore.  But what about our own experiences? If you're like most people, you REALLY BELIEVE whatever happens to you.  And why not, it's your personal experience. Well, what if we told you that your own senses (which are used to define your experiences) are inaccurate?  They give you a false picture of reality.  Let me give you a couple examples.

Take a look at your body, or even better a rock.  Is it solid?  Almost everyone would say yes.  It looks and feels solid. But if you ask a physicist who understands quantum mechanics, the answer will be that neither the human body nor a rock is solid.  How can this be?  It turns out that we are composed of atoms and sub-atomic particles that don't actually touch each other.  On the sub-atomic level there is lots of space between particles.  In other words, you are not solid, you are mostly empty space. To quantify this, if the nucleus of a hydrogen atom was blown up to be the  size of a basketball, the orbiting electron would be 20 miles away.  That's a lot of empty space.

Each sub-atomic particle is vibrating at a certain frequency and is attracted to other sub-atomic particles by gravity, electromagnetic forces, and nuclear forces.  Again, this is all factual, and could be explained in full detail by a physicist. 

Getting back to the assessment of our senses, our eyes have lied to us regarding the solidness of materials.  Are they lying about anything else? Well, lying might be too strong a word, because our eyes are instruments that are only capable of seeing a very limited band of frequencies called "visible light".  We can't see infrared (except when using special glasses that the military has developed) and we can't see radio waves.  We also can't see X-rays (but we have machines that can), microwaves (ovens),  or gamma rays, even though scientists know they exist. 

Now let's turn to our sense of hearing.  We can only hear a limited band of frequencies.  We can't hear very low or very high frequencies, but we know they are there, all around us. 

Consider an FM radio broadcast  (where FM stands for frequency modulation and indicates that stations are broadcasting at different frequencies). In your home, with your radio turned off you don't hear any of those stations, but they are broadcasting and the radio waves are within your home.  Turn on the radio and you can tune-in to the various frequencies.  Which station you select depends on the frequency and you can only be at one frequency at one time (unless you get another radio).  The same is true for TV stations.  Try and imagine all the broadcast frequencies in your home.  With cable TV and radio, there could be hundreds.

Are you beginning to understand that you are only capable of experiencing a very small portion of the world around you. Without the aid of special devices, your senses are giving you a false impression of the world.  There is so much you can't see or hear.

Why is this important?

All these devices use energy in certain frequency bands of vibration to convey complex information.  Although we can't sense the vibrations until we activate our devices, the vibrations are all around us.  Our bodies, with their vibrations, co-exist with many other energy vibrations.  And our bodies themselves, at the quantum level, are nothing more than energetic vibrations!

Let's take this a step further and state that our bodies are a relatively low frequency vibration of energy (in the range we can see) and our consciousness is a much higher frequency of vibration, higher than current scientific instrument can record. 

Things of a paranormal nature such as ghosts, angels, and spirits all operate at a much higher vibration and that is why they can't be seen except by psychics who are attuned to receive the extremely high frequency vibrations.

This discussion is intended to clarify that even what you "KNOW" to be true by personal observation may not be true at all. Therefore, what we see and hear is not a complete picture of what "is" around us. 

How Well Do You Understand the World?

Do you fully understand the world in which you live?  The easy answer is "Yes, of course!" But that's untrue.  Do you understand why the sky is blue? Or what causes weather?  Do you know what the Earth is made of or how it formed?  Scientists may know most of these things, but probably not all.  And these are the easy questions. I could ask many more questions with a high probability that you would not know any of the answers.

And what about paranormal activity?   This is a key area to consider. As a culture, we have been trained not to ask too many questions.  Paranormal activities, everything from psychic activity to physical manifestations such as the Bermuda Triangle, are not explainable by our scientific system. Every paranormal experience is evidence that our world view is incomplete, or perhaps totally wrong.  If only a few people had paranormal experiences, we might believe that they were faking due to an ulterior motive, which could be fame, notoriety, or money.  But when thousands upon thousands of people have paranormal experiences, we need to realize that most of these experiences are real. Unfortunately, it's actually quite easy for most people to ignore the facts.  If "normal" activity accounts for 99.9% of all activity, and the authenticity of paranormal activity is always questioned by what we perceive to be reliable sources,  those strange events tend to fade from our view and become unimportant.  So I ask you, I challenge you, what happened to the airplanes that disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle?  If you can't answer, then clearly there are aspects of our world that you don't understand.  Once you realize this, it becomes much easier to accept that the normal scientific world view is wrong, or at the very least it is inadequate to fully explain the world.

There are many documented cases of all sorts of paranormal activity so we know these things really happen.  Most people don't care, it's simply not important, but just because most people are too busy earning a living or raising their family to spend any time at all wondering about paranormal activities is not adequate justification to ignore these phenomena. Once we overcome the tendency to push paranormal activity out of our consciousness, we can learn that many events have been well documented by reliable witnesses.

Given that you likely fall into the category as being unable to explain many of the happenings on Earth, why would you assume that you understand everything that is going on with regard to our world, our solar system, our galaxy or our universe? It would be more accurate to accept that there are MANY things you simply cannot explain with your current world view.   Your world view is largely a guess based on what you think you know and what you've been told.  It could actually be dead wrong about some aspects of the world.

As an example, consider a supernova.  These are rare events and it may be possible to observe a galaxy for millions of years and not see one.  But just because they are rare and unpredictable does not mean that supernovas don't exist.  In the same way we look at our life on Earth and can't imagine that it could change dramatically, but the reality of dramatic change exists and is in fact a certainty.

When you claim that something can't be true, such as the existence of continued life after death, just because you haven't seen it, you are expressing a very limited view of the world.  What about those people who had near death experiences and came back to talk about what they saw? And what about the countless people who have recalled past lives while under hypnosis? 

How did we get mind controlled  to the point that we no longer look at the evidence in front of our eyes but turn to the media for an explanation?

In truth, there is almost overwhelming evidence that our conventional world view, that of a simple physical existence on Earth, is dead wrong.

Now, with that in mind, read the main article and consider what will happen on December 21, 2012.

Hidden Scientific Discoveries

Over the past 60 years, there have been many scientific discoveries and inventions.  You are quite familiar with some of them, such as Kevlar, Teflon, Velcro, fiber optics, silicon chips, CDs, DVDs,  wireless communication, and smartphones.

But the really big inventions and discoveries are kept out of the news, in the interest of national security.  Our military does not want anyone else to gain access to their secret technologies.  Since we are talking about the military, it is obvious that they are interested in weapons, and defensive-related technologies. 

Well, what have they come up with over the years?  Actually, you will be surprised because they have come up with just about everything we can imagine.  They have anti-gravity, powerful lasers and particle beams, and more.

This story describes some of the advanced military aircraft and spacecraft that are secretly operating out of Area 51 in Nevada and Area 52 in Australia.

Aircraft and Spacecraft


Free Your Mind


Land of the Free

We live in the land of the free, right?

And what about this?

New Scientific Inventions

One of the problems in our world today is energy.  We are dependent on energy and we use inefficient energy sources (oil, gas, coal) , dangerous energy sources (nuclear) and don't take  advantage of all the free energy that is available. 

Technology to capture free energy IS available, but these projects are suppressed and under-funded by the ruling elite who control our world in their desire to maintain the huge profits generated by the giants of the oil industry.

Watch this video to see some amazing concepts that can be developed to tap into free solar energy.



Crazy Iranians or Are These Guys Here to Help the World?

Learn More About the Guys Who Captured a Highly Sophisticated American Drone Flying Illegally in Iranian Airspace


Watch this video on YouTube:


The Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement is clear evidence of social change.   All over the world people are fed up with the current system and some brave souls are making a stand.  People say they have no demands, but the unstated demand is for fairness.  Many people fail to grasp that our country is being run by private interests who control the banks and corporations and tell the politicians what they want done.  Once you open your eyes you will see more and more of the ugly reality. The truth is that America is in very bad shape.  Many rights have been taken away from us in the name of national security or personal security.  The strategy is to use fear as a tool to push through legislation that takes away rights.  This is not a theory.  It has already happened.  The USA PATRIOT act is one such piece of legislation.   What it does is give the government the power to consider just about anyone a terrorist (even you!) and take away all your rights. The Occupy movement is addressing a basic dissatisfaction with how the country is being run.  Keep up with the Occupy movement by reading the Occupy Wall Street official website...


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For Best Results, Please Read the ENTIRE Page!

This is a long webpage but it's important to read everything. The story is long and complicated, and even this long page cannot cover everything.  We will give you the basics and we will provide the resources you need to learn more.

 If you begin to have doubts while you are reading, that is OK, but keep reading.  It's important to hear this story.  Afterwards, you will probably have questions and want to learn more.

The bottom line is that you WILL BE affected by December 21, 2012 and you will need to know how to handle the changes that take place.

My goal with this website is not to convince you of anything. Instead, I want to grab your attention and wake up your curiosity.  You can make up your own mind after you've done your own research.


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